Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?
The hours are always posted outside our main door (across from the elevator), and in both rooms. You may also view the lab hours online at: or if you have Google Calendar you can add our public calendar ( to your personal calendar. Any changes to the calendar are posted online ASAP.

Who can use the DGL?
Geography, Cartography/GIS, and Geology Majors as well as students currently enrolled in a Geography class utilizing the lab. The intended use for the computers in this lab is for students to do their Geography coursework only. All students must sign an Acceptable Use Policy Agreement before using the DGL. Abuses of the facility's hardware or software, or being offensive to others in the lab will not be tolerated and termination of privileges will result.

Does that mean I can't "Surf the Net" just for fun?
Yes. No, just kidding. We don't mind people having a little fun in the DGL as long as it is of no offense to others. However, Geography work always takes precedence. 

Why can't I log on?
Assuming you have an account in the DGL...make sure Caps Lock is not on and make sure you are not using any spaces. If you still cannot log on you can see one of three people; your professor, Kym, or Marcie.

What's my username and password?
In class, your professor will hand out a sheet for you to sign. This is an Application for Mercator Class Accounts and it will contain your username and password. You MUST read and sign this sheet before you can log on to a PC in the DGL. Please see Kym or Marcie if you did not sign the sheet.

Where should I save my work?
The only place you should be saving your work is to an external source. In other words...anywhere except on the DGL computers. It is not safe to save your work on the DGL computers as someone could come along and delete your files or the computer could crash unexpectedly among other things. If you absolutely must save your work on a computer you may use the c:\temp folder, but remember we are not responsible for lost files. Important: Do not save anything to the desktop as anything on the desktop is deleted when you log out!

Why can't I see the application/data my Professor wants me to use?
Did you sit down at a computer that was already logged onto? Are you logged into the correct account for your class? Accounts are individualized to your specific class and/or professor. This is one of the reasons we ask that you log out after you are finished with your computer.

Where is my print out?
Most of your print outs will come out on the laser printer named "LEWIS" outside of Kym's office. If the lab is busy, you have a large print job, or special paper, you may use the printer named "CLARK" as well. Please ask a DGL staff member if you do not know how to change your printer within your software application.

The printer is jammed, should I try and fix it?
NO!!  Please ask a DGL staff person for help. Printer jams can be very tricky.

The printer is out of paper, should I refill it?
We'd rather you didn't. Simply because of the "too many cooks spoil the stew " adage. Please inform the DGL staff member on duty that the printer is out of paper.

What if I have more questions about printing in the DGL? 
Check out the page Printing in the DGL or ask a DGL staff person.

HELP! I left something in the DGL!
Please check the Lost & Found drawer beneath the printers...if it is something of value and we have found it we will lock it up, please see a member of the DGL Staff. It's very helpful if you write your name & e-mail address on your personal media OR put a MSword file on the media named FOUND_ME.doc or CONTACT_INFO.doc with information on how to contact you.

Who the heck are the DGL staff?
Kym and Marcie are the ones in the offices with their names next to the doors. Lab Techs sit a their favorite computers in the lab and place a sign on top of their monitor. We also post the day's Lab Tech Schedule on the white board next to the DGL entrance.

What is Mercator anyway?
Mercator is the name of one of our computer servers. If you've had a Map Reading or a Cartography class you should also know that it is a type of map projection named after the Flemish cartographer Gerardus Mercator.