General Use

The DGL, located in MH325, is a departmental lab which means we operate specifically to support the Departments of Geography & Geological Sciences curriculum.

Food & Drink

There is no food or drink allowed in the DGL at any time.

Computer Access & Use

In order to use the computers and equipment in the DGL you must have an account. Usernames and passwords are provided by either your professor or by Kym or Marcie. If you do not know your username and/or password you must obtain it through one of the three above named sources. No one else should provide you with a username and/or password. Computer access is provided to those with accounts during regular lab hours only. Computer use should be for coursework only. Please make sure you have read and understand our Acceptable Use Policy. It is very important that you also read an understand our printing policies.

The DGL is divided into two sections; the Open Lab and the Teaching Lab.

Open Lab

The Open Lab is used on a daily basis by those with accounts in the DGL. At this time sign up is not mandatory as there are usually plenty of computers available.

Teaching Lab

Professors will sign up to use the Teaching Lab and bring their classes in to provide general instruction on coursework as it pertains to computer use in the DGL. When there is no one signed up to use this section of the lab, please feel free to use the computers in this room. The sign up book for the clasess is located to the right of the sliding double doors, and each day we post the times the lab will be in use on the white board in the Teaching Lab.

General Courtesies

The DGL is a working lab. There are many people here working on many different projects and the need for a quiet environment is very important.

Cell Phones: Turn them off when in the lab. Ringing cell phones are just as annoying as someone talking on them. Take your calls somewhere outside of the lab.

It is understood that you need to speak to others while you are working in the DGL, but keep conversations soft and to a minimum. If you are quietly talking about a school project...great. If you are talking about how the Patriots have no backup plan without Tom Brady...not great.

Head Phones:
Please bring your own and use them if necessary. We do have a few on hand if you need to borrow a pair.

DGL Staff

The DGL Staff consists of the Lab Techs we hire to work here each semester, and Kym and Marcie. We are all here to help you so please don't hesitate to ask. Lab Techs will be working out in the lab with a name tag on the top of thier computer. Kym and Marcie are the two in the offices.

Please don't forget to log off when you are finished, Thanks!!