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Art Exhibits


Stephen S. Young

Salem State University, Salem, MA


2013, 14, 15, 16 - Macro or Micro, with Dr. Paul Kelly

2008 - North Africa from Space, Tunis, Tunisia

2008 - Winfisky Gallery, Salem MA

2006 - Sasaki Associates, Watertown MA

2006 - Australia from Space, Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney

2005 - National Science Foundation, Arlington VA

2004  - Esther M. Klein Art Gallery, Philadelphia PA

2001 - ArtWorks!, New Bedford MA

2001 - Sasaki Associates, Watertown MA

2000 - Clark University, Worcester MA

1999 - Massachusetts Audubon Society, Topsfield MA

1998 - Winfisky Gallery, Salem MA


The Earth Exposed Exhibit Overview







Macro or Micro ?

An art exhibition challenging our perceptions of scale

Through the intermingling of earth and life imagery generated via both satellite and electron microscope, this body of work reveals patterns and similarities in the natural world between scales that are undetectable by the naked eye.  This collaborative work bridges art and science, raising questions about how we interpret various points-of-view, the broader universe and our place it in.  



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Museum of Science  

Boston Massachusetts

Yale University 

New Haven, Connecticut 

Tehran University

Tehran, Iran

Sazmanab Center for Contemporary Art

Tehran, Iran

June, 2015 - April, 2016

October - December, 2015

 November, 2015

August, 2015




 2013 - 14

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Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Worcester, Massachusetts

Clark University

Worcester, Massachusetts

Salem State University

Salem, Massachusetts

August - December, 2014

September - November, 2013

October - November, 2013

Macro or Micro Home Page

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North Africa from Space, International Geographical Union Congress

Tunis, Tunisia

August 25 - 29, 2008 


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The Earth Exposed, Winfisky Gallery, Salem, MA

March 18 - April 10, 2008 

Earth Exposed Exhibit  

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The Earth Exposed, Sasaki Associates, Watertown, MA

October 19 - December 8, 2006 

Earth Exposed Exhibit  

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Australia from Space

An Exhibition about how Geographers study the Earth from Space

International Geographical Union meeting


July: QUT Gardens Cultural Precinct - Brisbane (in association with IGU meeting)     

August: Geoscience Australia - Canberra                   

September: University of New South Wales - Sydney

 Australia From Space Exhibit


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The Earth Exposed

The Art of Science Project

National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA

November 29, 2004 - March4, 2005 

Earth Exposed Exhibit  

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The Earth Exposed, ArtWorks!, New Bedford, MA

September 13 - November 1, 2001 


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The Earth Exposed, Sasaki Associates, Watertown, MA

February15 - May 15, 2001 


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The Earth Exposed, Clark University, Worcester, MA

November 13 - December 15, 2000


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The Ipswich Wildlife Sanctuary from Space

Massachusetts Audubon Society, Topsfield,  MA

December 1, 1999 - May 30, 2000



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Salem from Space, Winfisky Gallery, Salem, MA

November, 1998. 


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Esther M. Klein Art Gallery

March 14 - May 15, 2004 



Art-in-Science XVIII: The Earth Exposed

Engaging the Public in the Art and Science of Earth Imagery


An exhibition of Art & Science with


The Esther M. Klein Art Gallery/Science Center,

Salem State University


TERC Center for Earth and Space Science Education

*In conjunction with the 100th Anniversary Meeting of the

Association of American Geographers

(Philadelphia Convention Center, March 2004)




The Mississippi Delta Transformed


The Earth Exposed is an evolving project that integrates Earth science research and education around the imagery of Earth taken by astronauts and satellites. For scientists, these images expose Earth’s features and processes as never before, revolutionizing our understanding of Earth systems. For students and the public, these same images can be of breathtaking beauty. Just as art transcends technique to convey deeper messages, these images inspire such emotions as awe and reverence for Earth and they transform Earth science education into exploration and discovery of our planet as an interconnected whole.

            The Earth Exposed project will combine science and art to bolster understanding of Earth system science among the public and K-12 students. It will present selected Earth images at Esther M. Klein Art Gallery/Science Center in Philadelphia and develop an innovative educational program as an artistic entrée into learning about Earth system science. In addition to a gallery full of imagery, it will create a set of animations, web-based resources and hands-on science and art learning activities on remote-sensing and the Earth science concepts depicted in the images for use in the gallery’s school outreach program, which has effectively reached inner-city classrooms with past initiatives.

This is a seed project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to explore linking art and Earth science education. There is a remarkable level of interest in this approach from leading art galleries, art museums and science museums throughout the United States. This NSF Geoscience pilot lays the essential research foundation for a larger implementation and dissemination project.

            The Earth Exposed is a unique collaboration between a research scientist, education developers and an innovative art gallery with a history of exhibiting cutting-edge art and science exhibitions. It builds on a solid foundation in geosciences research, Earth science education and artistic expression.

The Earth Exposed project offers exceptional intellectual merit because it is based on the visualization technologies that are greatly enhancing Earth system science and gripping the public’s imagination. It melds research into the display of remotely-sensed data with broad-based education into Earth science concepts. With spectacular images as “hooks,” presented as both art and science, this project offers an original approach to entice the public and K-12 students into Earth science.

            The Earth Exposed offers a broad impact on Earth science and Earth science education beyond this pilot exhibit and learning activities. By presenting these images as artistic as well as scientific, it will reach venues like art galleries and museums, which traditionally eschew scientific endeavors. As a result, we will reach new populations that may not have had much exposure to Earth science research. The project also can help geoscientists prepare more effective visualizations through collaboration with artists.

Esther M. Klein Art Gallery at the Science Center

3600 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104

P: 215.387.2262  Email: kleinart@ucsc.org
Gallery Hours: Monday-Saturday 9am – 5pm






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Exhibit Overview


The Earth Exposed

How Geographers Study the Earth from Space



The Earth Exposed is an evolving exhibit that presents basic scientific and geographic concepts about remote sensing (satellite imagery) through the display of aesthetically pleasing images.  The exhibit not only shows intriguing images, but also demonstrates various techniques that geographers employ to study the earth from space.  To create the pieces I use various remote sensing software to manipulate satellite images in a number of ways bringing out patterns of beauty as well as meaning through the use of color, scale, juxtaposition, and a wide range of wavelengths of energy (Ultra Violet, Visible, Infrared).  


We are now able to see the world as never before.  In the past few years we have put numerous satellites into orbit that show incredible details about the earth’s oceans, atmosphere, cities, and ice caps.  From 400 miles above the earth we can not only detect global warming, but we can also monitor traffic in New York City.  We are living in a time of revolutionary change in how we view the earth.  In the near future we may become very familiar with these types of images and our mental maps of the world might be thermal as well as political.


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