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Watershed Internet Resources

     K-12 Teacher Resources for

Geography Awareness Week 2001




National Geographic Society (NGS) Pages

School Material

Massachusetts Watershed Sites

US Environmental Protection Agency Watershed Sites

U.S. Geological Survey Water Pages

Atlases and Maps – watershed related

Other Important Water Sites

Raw Watershed Data



National Geographic Society (NGS) Pages


NGS Geography Action River Page

Information about rivers and watersheds related to Geography Awareness Week.


NGS K-12 Educators Page

The general NGS Educators page.  Links for geography education.


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School Material


Water for School Science

USGS Water Science for Schools web site that provides information on many aspects of water, along with pictures, data, maps, and an interactive center where you can give opinions and test your water knowledge


Massachusetts Watershed Lesson Plan

Lesson plan based on the Frameworks for Massachusetts


Massachusetts Studies Project

Featured Theme: MASSACHUSETTS WATERSHEDS.  Site has lesson plans, activities, etc.


Neponset River Watershed Association

Massachusetts river-related education links.


MIT Massachusetts Watershed Education Site

Interactive watershed education site based on watersheds in Massachusetts.


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Massachusetts Watershed Sites


MASSACHUSETTS Watershed Initiative

The Executive Office of Environmental Affairs Watershed Home Page

Information and contacts for river watersheds in Massachusetts.


Massachusetts Watershed Associations list

Links to all of the Massachusetts Watershed Associations


Massachusetts Watershed Coalition

Public Interest Group web site


Massachusetts Riverways Programs

A Massachusetts Department of Fisheries, Wildlife and Environmental Law Enforcement web page concerning their riverways programs


Massachusetts River Organizations

List of different river associations in Massachusetts


Ipswich River Watershed Association

Example of a local watershed association.


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US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Watershed Sites


US EPA “Surf Your Watershed”

This site lets you find information about watersheds around the United States

Helps you locate and share environmental information about your watershed.


The EPA Watershed Atlas

The Watershed Atlas is a catalog of geo-spatial displays and analyses of information and data important for watershed protection and restoration.


Environmental Web Sites

The Environmental database contains hundreds of Web links concerning environmental information.


Locate your Watershed

This site lets you find what watershed you live in, or any other watershed in the U.S.


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U.S. Geological Survey  (Department of the Interior) Water Pages


USGS Water Home Page

This is the home page for the USGS Water Page.  Links to many USGS water-related topics including rivers and watersheds.


National Water Conditions

Monthly Streamflow conditions for the US.  Map of conditions and links to past data and data for states.


USGS Water Resources of the United States

This site provide access to water-resources data collected at approximately 1.5 million sites in all 50 States.


Water Quality

USGS Water Quality Monitoring for watersheds in the US.


Real-Time Water Data

Real-time water monitoring data.


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Atlases and Maps – watershed related


The National Atlas

USGS National Atlas of the U.S. with interactive map and data, which includes river data.


USGS Mapping Site

National Mapping Information


FEMA Hazard Maps

On line interactive hazard maps including flood maps.


USDA Drought Monitor

Map of drought conditions in the US


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Other Important Water Sites


NOAA Water Data Sites

NOAA Current Hydrologic Conditions


National Weather Service, Northeast River Forecast Center

New England River conditions, plus weather related links.


USDA Drought Monitor

Home page for USDA drought monitoring


USDA Drought Link Page

Drought related links


Water News

News about water in the US


The Gulf of Mane Council

Information about the Gulf of Maine where many Massachusetts rivers flow into.


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Raw Watershed Data




GIS data for New England



Downloadable images of watersheds


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