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Dr. Stephen Young is a professor of remote sensing and environmental sustainability in the Geography Department at Salem State University in Salem Massachusetts, USA. His recent research work has centered on climate and environmental change in NE North America and nature conservation in China. In addition to his environmental research, he bridges the arts and sciences through art gallery exhibitions which expose the public to science and geography. 

Concerning his work in environmental change, he has recently co-edited two books (Global Environmental Change and Sustainability, 2013 and International Perspectives on Global Environmental Change, 2012 (over 70,000 downloads)), co-edited a special edition of the journal Northeastern Geographer (Environmental Change in Northeastern North America, 2012), co-wrote a paper: “Analysis of Land Surface Temperature Change for Northeastern North America using MODIS Thermal data, 2001 to 2011” (Northeastern Geographer, 2012), and wrote a technical chapter “Geoinformatics and the Mapping of Lands Vulnerable to Sea Level Rise” in the book Geoinformatics for Climate Change Studies, 2011.

Concerning his work on nature conservation in China, he has recently published Conservation priorities of forest ecosystems with evaluations of connectivity and future threats: Implications in the Eastern Himalaya of China (2016) in Biological Conservation and "Effectiveness of China's national forest protection program and nature reserves" (2015) in the Journal Conservation Biology. Both papers were based on the analysis of satellite imagery while working with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in Yunnan province at the Ecology, Conservation, & Environment Center (ECEC).

Concerning his art gallery work, his exhibition, The Earth Exposed, has been displayed in over a dozen galleries including the headquarters of the National Science Foundation as well as being displayed in Australia and Tunisia. His most recent exhibition, Macro or Micro? is a joint project with Dr. Paul Kelly of Salem State University. In 2013 the exhibition was displayed at the Winfisky Gallery in Salem, Massachusetts and at the Traina Center for the Visual and Performing Arts, Clark University in Worcester, MA. In 2015-2016 it was exhibited at the Museum of Science in Boston for 10 months as well as at the Sazmanab center for Contemporary Art in Tehran, Iran, Tehran University and at Yale University. It has recently been written up in a blog by the Smithsonian and in a journal article "Macro or Micro? A Visual Art Exhibition Challenging Our Perceptions of Scale" in the journal Geohumanities by Drs. Young and Kelly.

Dr. Young’s research has appeared in journals such as: Biological Conservation, Biotropica, Forest Ecology & Management, International Journal of Remote Sensing, Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing, International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research, Mountain Research and Development, Sextant, and Vegetatio.Dr. Young primarily teaches courses in climate change, global environmental issues, remote sensing and digital image processing. Dr. Young received his Ph. D. in Geography from Clark University, a Masters of Environmental Science from Yale University and a B.A. in Environmental Studies from the University of Vermont. He is also a former chair of the Department of Geography at Salem State University.


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