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1.  Global & Regional Environmental Change          2.  Biological Diversity          3. Art Gallery Presentations

  1.  Global and Regional Environmental Change  
2014 O’Connell, T., and S.S.Young. No more Hidden Secrets: Human Rights and Remote Sensing. Genocide Studies and Prevention Journal. 8(3): 5-31.
2013 Silvern, S. and S. S.Young. Global Environmental Change and Sustainability, InTech Open Access Publisher. ISBN 978-953-51-1094-1.
2012  Young, S.S. and D. Bardati. co-editors of a special edition (Environmental Change in Northeastern North America) of the journal the Northeast Geographer, to be publish Fall 2012.
2012 Hu, H., P. Curtis, and S. S. Young. Analysis of Land Surface Temperature Change for Northeastern North America using MODIS Thermal data, 2001 to 2011. The Northeastern Geographer. 4(2): 50-65.
2011 Young, S.S. and S. Silvern. International Perspectives on Global Environmental Change, InTech Open Access Publisher. ISBN 979-953-307-109-0. (over 70,000 downloads)
2011 Young, S.S. Geoinformatics and the Mapping of Lands Vulnerable to Sea Level Rise. In Geoinformatics for Climate Change Studies. Edited by P.K. Joshi, A. Joshi, and T.P. Singh. New Delhi: TERI Press. Chapter 4 pp. 109-127.
2007    Jeyaseelan, A.T., Roy, P.S. and S.S. Young. Persistent Changes in NDVI between 1982 and 2003 over India using AVHRR GIMMS (Global Inventory Modeling and Mapping Studies) data. International Journal of Remote Sensing.  28(21): 1-20.
2005  Young, S.S., and R. Harris, Changing patterns of global-scale vegetation photosynthesis, 1982-1999International Journal of Remote Sensing. accepted, June, 2005. 
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2001 Young, S.S., and C. Y. Wang. Land-cover change analysis of China using global-scale Pathfinder AVHRR Landcover (PAL) data, 1982-92.  International Journal of Remote Sensing22:1457-1477. 
1999 Young, S.S., and A. Anyamba. Comparison of NOAA/NASA PAL and NOAA GVI data for vegetation change studies over China.   Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing. 65(6): 679-688. 

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  2.  Biological Diversity with an emphasis on forest ecosystems.  
2016 Wang, L., Young, S.S., Wang, W., Ren, G.P., Xiao, W., Long, Y.C., Li, J.S., Zhu, J.G., Conservation priorities of forest ecosystems with evaluations of connectivity and future threats: Implications in the Eastern Himalaya of China. Biological Conservation. 195: 128-135.
2015 Ren, G., Young, S.S., Wang, L., Wang, W., Long, Y., Wu, R., Li, J., Zhu, J., Yu, D.W. 2015. Effectiveness of China’s national forest protection program and nature reserves.Conservation Biology. doi: 10.1111/cobi.12561
2009  Goodall, Jane and Young, S.S., Hope for Animals, the case study at Cao Hai. http://janegoodallhopeforanimals.com/exclusive-content/section-5-healing-earth%e2%80%99s-scars/taking-care-of-people-and-wildlife/cao-hai-nature-reserve/
2005 Young, S.S., THE TIGER AND THE PANGOLIN: Nature, Culture, and Conservation in China.  By Chris Coggins. 339 pp.; maps, diagrs., ills., index, bibliog. Honolulu: University of  Hawai’i Press, 2003. $55.00 (cloth), ISBN 0824825063. in The Geographical Review,  94 (2): 258-260. (review)
2003 Wang, Z. J., and S. S. Young. Differences in bird diversity between two Swidden Agricultural sites in mountainous terrain, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China. Biological Conservation. 110: 231-243.

Young, S.S. Nature Conservation through poverty alleviation (Cover Essay). Sextant. 12 (1 & 2): cover, 9 - 16.


2000  Wang, Z. J., C. Carpenter, and S. S. Young. Bird distribution and conservation in the Ailao Mountains, Yunnan, China.   Biological Conservation. 92(2000): 45-57.
1995 Young, S.S., and S.R. Herwitz. Floristic diversity and co-occurrences in a subtropical broad- leaved forest and two contrasting regrowth stands in central-west Yunnan Province, China. Vegetatio 119: 1-13.  (Journal now titled: Plant Ecology)  
1994 Herwitz, S.R., and S.S. Young. Mortality, recruitment, and growth rates of  montane tropical rain forest canopy trees on Mount Bellenden-Ker, Northeast Queensland, Australia. Biotropica. 26(4):  350-361.
1992  Young, S.S., C. Carpenter, and Z.J. Wang. Study of the structure and composition of an old growth and a secondary evergreen broad-leaved forest in the Ailao mountains in Yunnan, China. Mountain Research and Development. 12(3): 269-284. 
1989 Young, S.S., and Z.J. Wang. A comparison of secondary and  primary forests in the Ailao Shan region of Yunnan, China.  Forest Ecology and Management. 28: 281-300.  

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  3. Art Gallery Presentations through the display of remotely sensed imagery in art gallery settings. This research focuses on presenting basic scientific and geographic concepts about remote sensing through the display of aesthetically pleasing images. 




Young, S.S., Kelly, P. Macro or Micro? A Visual Art Exhibition Challenging Our Perceptions of Scale. Geohumanities. Volume 3, Number 1 press: online publication:


Young, S.S. and P. Kelly. Macro or Micro? http://dgl.salemstate.edu/geography/profs/young/ART/Macro-Micro/MM-index.htm 

2015 Macro or Micro? exhibited at: 1) Museum of Science, Boston, MA 2) Sazmanab Center for Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran, 3) Tehran University, Tehran, Iran, 4) Yale University
2014 Macro or Micro? exhibited at: 1) Worcester Polytechnic Institute
2013  Macro or Micro? exhibited at: 1) Winfisky Gallery, Salem, Ma. 2) Traina Center for the Visual and Performing Arts, Clark University
2013 Young, S.S. and P. Kelly. Macro or Micro? Portfolio. Sextant. Volume 11. No. 1 pp. 24-35.
2013  Group Exhibition “We’re standing on it” Winfisky Gallery, Salem. MA. (one piece) February11 – March 21, 2013.
2011 Young, S.S. “The Earth exposed: how geographers use art and science in their exploration of the Earth from space.” In GeoHumanities: Art, History, Text at the Edge of Place Edited by  M. Dear, J. Ketchum, S. Luria, and D. Richardson. New York: Routledge. Chapter 19 pp. 183-186.
2011 Young, S.S. Case Study: Mississippi-Lungs. International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research. July-September 2011. 2(3): 86-88.
2008 Young, S.S. “North Africa from Space” in cooperation with the International Geographical Union’s (IGU) International Congress, Tunis, Tunisia – August 2008.
2008 Young, S.S. “Return of The Earth Exposed” Winfisky Gallery, Salem. MA. March, 2008.

Young, S.S. “Return of The Earth Exposed” Sasaki Associates, Watertown, MA, October 19 – December 8, 2006.


Young, S.S. Australia from Space” in cooperation with the International Geographical Union’s (IGU) regional international conference, 

Brisbane, Australia, July 3 - 30, 2006; Traveled to:     Canberra: August 2006                      Sydney: September 2006.

2005 Young, S.S. “The Earth Exposed: How geographers study the Earth from space.” National Science Foundation Art of Science Gallery.  Arlington, Virginia. November 29, 2004 – March 4, 2005.
2004 Young, S.S. “The Earth Exposed” Esther M. Klein Art Gallery , Philadelphia, PA.  Gallery’s 18th  “Art-in-Science” exhibition.  Part of the Centennial Celebration of the Association of American Geographers.  Funding from the National Science Foundation. March 14, 2004 – April 15, 2004.
2001 Young, S.S. “The Earth Exposed” ArtWorks!, New Bedford, MA, September – October, 2001.
2001  Young, S.S. “The Earth Exposed” Sasaki Associates, Watertown, MA, February 15 – May 15, 2001.
2000 Young, S.S. "The Earth Exposed," the Goddard Library Gallery, Clark University, Worcester, MA. November 13 - December 15, 2000.
1999 Young, S.S. " Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary from Space," The Barn, IRWS, Massachusetts Audubon Society, Topsfield, MA. December 1999 - May, 2000.
1998 Young, S.S. " Salem from Space," Winfisky Gallery, Salem. MA. November, 1998.


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