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Stephen S. Young

Salem State University

created December 2019

updated December, 2019


Climate Change: Taking Action with Modern Mapping Techniques


Mapping Climate Change on the North Shore of Massachusetts


     Climate Change is now well understood by the science community. Almost every day we are now witnessing more and more   consequences of climate change. We no longer have the luxury of sitting back and waiting for someone else to take action. Here at Salem State University we are employing our cartographic knowledge to the problems created by climate change.


     This exhibition brings to the public some of the work being done at Salem State University by faculty, graduate students and alumni. The exhibition is a creation in progress, as new work is created we will present it in future showings of the exhibition. Our current focus is on climate change related issues of the North Shore of Massachusetts. The North Shore stretches from the north side of Boston to the New Hampshire border. 


    Currently the exhibition is made up of 4 parts: The Science, The Great Marsh, Visualizing Future Sea-level Rise, Today's Action creates Tomorrow's Reality.


    The Science is a series of posters explaining the science of sea-level rise, the urban heat island effect and important land parcels in need of protection for future resilience.


     The Great Marsh is a series of drone and satellite imagery of the Great Marsh of the North Shore.


     Visualizing Future Sea-Level Rise is a series of drone images which visualizes future sea level rises.


     Today's Action creates Tomorrow's Reality is a series of drone images which questions our past and current activity.