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Dr. Stephen S. Young


Geography Department


Salem State University


352 Lafayette Street
Salem, MA 01970 USA




    Research                                          Dr. Stephen S. Young  


Professional Biography



Research Interests    

Art & Science - Gallery Exhibitions

Global  Environmental Change

Climate Change & Northeast North America

Biodiversity, Forests, China



Curriculum Vitae  (pdf)


Work History


Art Gallery Exhibitions



SSU-based Research Art & Science Project

Climate Change & 

Northeast North America


Living with Vulnerability

Map of Salem, MA showing potential

flooding if Salem was hit by a major

storm like Sandy.


Climate Change in NE North America

Poster presentation at the International 

geographical Union meeting 

Moscow Russia - August 2015


Is Salem Ready for a Superstorm?

Article in the Salem News about the 

"Living with Vulnerability" map.


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Student Research Posters

Example research posters for students



Geography Conference had at Salem 

State University in November, 2009.


Past Art Exhibit Posters

Geography as Art


Current Project

Macro or Micro?

An art & science exhibition which

challenges our perception of scale.

Newest Exhibition


Macro or Micro Smithsonian


The Earth Exposed Art Exhibition

Images of the Earth from Space


Australia From Space Art Exhibition

Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney,  Australia

Summer 2006


North Africa from Space

Exhibition Catalog





Northeastern Geographer

Volume 4(2) 2012

Special Issue: Environmental Change in Northeastern North America

Look what's going on Down-Under!