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These projects were done by students in undergrauate and graduate introductory GIS or other classes at Salem State University. Students were asked to answer a question, solve a problem or create a product using ArcGIS and other available geospatial products and technologies (i.e., GPS units, address gecoding, digitizing, etc.), or more recently, with online geoweb tools (e.g., Google Maps). The presentations describe the results of their projects, including methodology, data used, and problems encountered along the way.

Note: The information presented in the following projects may not be factually correct. The intent of these projects is to demonstrate the use of GIS on available data, not necessarily to carry out scientific research. The following projects show some possiblities for GIS work in a variety of applications.

Spring 2019
Name Project Title
Peter Adortse Coastal Flood Hazard Assessment of Ghana (report)
James Burgess GIS Analysis of Coastal Development in the North Shore of Massachusetts (poster)
John Coyne Spatial Analysis of the Boston Celtics (online report)
Ben Quintal The Environmental, Economic, and Health Impacts of Commuting (brochure)

Fall 2018
Name Project Title
David Bitler Busiest MBTA Stations (online story map)
Connor Campbell Deforestation in the Pacific Northwest (online story map)
Arthur R Clausnitzer Jr. A Spatial Analysis of Artifact Types from Smuttynose Island, Maine (online report)
Jillian Danton School Shootings (online story map)
Gianna Hayes Salem 911 Point Pattern Analysis (online report)
David Heacock Day and Night Noise in Boston Compared (online report)
Hannah Newcombe Theodore Roosevelt and the National Parks (online story map)
Brandon Sungy Boston 311 Snow Requests Point Pattern Analysis (online report)
Declan Timpany Mental Health: Availability by Location (online story map)
Marcello Toscanini Fossil Localities of the Newark Supergroup (online story map)
Jonathan Vitrano Greater Boston Noise Monitoring Interpolation (online report)
Hayley Williams Top Recording Studios of 2017 (online story map)
Olivia Winn A Geographic Look at Sufjan Stevens' "Illinois" (online story map)

Spring 2018
Name Project Title
Melissa Boshuyzen Haunted Locations Across the United States (online story map)
Jillian Carr A Protocol for Eelgrass Monitoring in the Duxbury-Kingston-Plymouth (DKP) complex (report)
Hannah Gonsalves Incarceration and Crime in the U.S. (online story map)
Michael Gray The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (online story map)
Gianna Hayes Exploring Access to Urban Green Space for Children in Salem, MA (report)
David Heacock Analyzing the Relationship Between Marine Traffic and Oil Spills (report)
Lucie Jechova Sri Lanka Tour Guide (online story map)
Jonathan Vitrano Mapping Spatial Patterns of Gypsy Moth Defoliation Events in Glocester, RI Using Landsat Satellite Imagery (report)
Max Voci Ipswich, MA Clamming (online map)

Fall 2017
Name Project Title
Alicia Badolato Sustainability at Salem State University (online story map)
Ben Quintal Salem State University Sustainability Public Information Map (online story map)
Bridget Cannon Salem State University Sustainability Map (online story map)
Collin Wright Salem State University Sustainability Map (online story map)
Rebecca Wright Sustainability at Salem State University (online story map)
Mark Peter Environmental Injustice In San Joaquin Valley (presentation)
Andrew MacNichol Environmental Injustice in the Hurricane Relief Process during Superstorm Sandy (presentation)
Christian Schluter Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations in Eastern North Carolina (presentation)

Spring 2017
Name Project Title
Alicia Badolato Notorious Killers in the United States (online story map)
Sue Fountain Community Supported Agriculture in Massachusetts: Supporting your local farmer (online story map)
Mark Peter The Big Dig (online story map)
Caroline Sulick The Rise of the Tick Population in New England (online story map)
Stephen Zubrick Camino de Santiago (online story map)
Isaac Perry Looking for Justice: A Comparative Analysis of Natural Gas Pipeline Routes in New England (poster for AAG 2016)
Nick Guarente, Ratha Suon, and Tony LaVerde Housing Inventory of Amesbury, MA (large map)
Maura Blanchard, Cesar Gonzalez-Tellez, and David Martin Passive Open Space Inventory of Amesbury, MA (large map)

Fall 2016
Name Project Title
Kristin Barr What is the big deal with the Dakota Access Pipeline? (online story map)
James Burgess Ecudaor's Oil Blocking (online story map)
Elizabeth Fitzgerald Gay Marriage in the United States, 2003-Now (online story map)
Gerard Gariepy The Impact of Sea Level Rise and Flooding on Newburyport, MA (online story map)
Cesar Gonzalez Tellez Analysis of Crime Incidents in Lawrence, MA in 2016 (online story map)
Nick Guarante US Electoral Map History: 1960-2016 (online story map)
Holly Herring MADE IN MONTANA- The Geography of a Buffalo Jump Mug (online story map)
Natashia Manyak Flood Impact Analysis: Future Sea Level Rise Scenarios in Salem, MA (poster)
Jack Nessen City of Salem Street Tree Assessment - Pilot Project (online story map)
Avery Pecci Waterfalls of Iceland (online story map)
Mark Piandes Climate Change Risk Portfolio (presentation)
Daria Scofield Food Deserts in the United States (online story map)

Spring 2015
Name Project Title
Amy N. Blondin Manchester-Essex Wilderness Conservation Area: History, Geography, Recreation, & Ecology (online Story Map)
Seth Christopher Impact of Coastal Flooding in Winthrop, MA (poster)
Kelsey Davison Under the Flood Line: The Potential for Coastal Flooding in Danvers, MA Under Combined Sea Level Rise, Storm Surge, and High Tide Scenarios (poster)
Stephanie DeYoung A Green Costa Rica (online Story Map)
Kyle Favaloro Effect of Coastal Flooding on Revere Massachusetts (poster)
James Fiore Destruction Caused by Coastal Flooding: Gloucester, MA (poster)
Ashley Gordon Where to Go When Traveling to Athens, Greece (online Story Map)
Venegda Julius Kere Atlantic Slave Trade Voyage (online Story Map)
Courtney Klapman Jewish Ghettos in Europe During WWII (online Story Map)
Maria Koutsoubaris Child Poverty in America (online Story Map)
Chelsey Pino Top 10 Deadliest Volcanoes (online Story Map)
Nicholas Schomburg Monitoring Future Sea Level Rise and Storm Surge Impacts in Beverly Massachusetts (poster)
Mariah Vasquez Same Sex Marriage In the Northeast (online Story Map)

Fall 2014
Name Project Title
Daniel Dugery The Coast Guard, Atlantic Strike Team's Response to 9/11 (online Story Map)
Nadia East Let's Go to the Movies! (online Story Map)
Vanessa Fernandes OLSON LEWIS + ARCHITECTS Commercial Project Locations (online Story Map)
Nathaniel Foldan From Ground to Ground: The journey and impacts of disposable plastic water bottles (online Story Map)
Kinga Jacaszek Trip to Alaska (online Story Map)
Charlene Logue Geography of the Southwest United States (online Story Map)
Yingxuan Wang Discover the 11 most Historical Bridges of New York City (online Story Map)

Spring 2014
Name Project Title
Philip Corcoran Renewable Energy Potential in Nantucket, Massachusetts
Nicholas Gilroy An Analysis of Cycling Infrastructure and Cycling Activity in the City of Salem, Massachusetts
Ashley Hebert Renewable Energy Evaluation: Landfill in Sudbury, MA
Zhenyang Hua Who Could Really Vote? (online, interactive map)
Cato LaCroix Top 10 Oldest Ballparks in Major League Baseball (online Story Map)
Matthew Lambert Renewable Energy Potential fo Winter island, Salem, MA
Caitlin Mannion Select Locations Painted by Monet (online Story Map)
Peter Martell Renewable Energy Potential in Billerica, Massachusetts
Nicholas Martinez A Tasty Tour through Downtown Salem (online Story Map)
Rachel McCarter Swampscott, MA: Calculating Solar and Wind Renewable Energy Potential using GIS
Marc Miller Zombie Apocalypse: Geospatial Survival!
Derrick Mills New Orleans (online Story Map)
Jon Roberts Solar Photovoltaic Potential of Andover, Massachusetts
Ty Swavely Belize Biomass, Biogas, and Solar

Fall 2013
Name Project Title
Marisa Hobbs Coastal Flooding Impacts in Revere, MA (online Story Map)
Jason Kirkey Coastal Flooding and Mitigation in Gloucester, Massachusetts: Impacts on Vulnerable Populations (online Story Map)
Michael McGaffigan Everett Flood Analysis: Determining Vulnerable Groups by Modeling Sea Level Rise and Hurricane Storm Surge (online Story Map)
Jonathan Sheehan Gloucester: SLR, Storm Surge and Affected Structures (online Story Map)
Ty Swavely Hurricane Inundation, Sea-Level Rise, and Environmental Justice Communities In Lynn, MA (online Story Map)
Amelia Wellers Flooding in Everett, Massachusetts (online Story Map)

Spring 2012
Name Project Title
Robert Ainslie Research Proposal: Economic Growth and Land Use Change: Does an Environmental Kuznet's Curve Exist?
Hengzhi Hu Research Proposal: Storm Surge Vulnerability Analysis Based on Sea Level Rise in China's Low Elevation Coastal Zone
Joshua Johnson Mapping the Danvers Rail Trail
James Langill Smoke & Mirrors: Wildfire Policy and the Legacy of the Greater Yellowstone Area Fires of 1988
Rachel McCarter Proximity between Wastewater Treatment Plants and Coastal Beaches and how it affects Bacterial Sampling Results in the State of Massachusetts
Tommy O'Connell Research Proposal: Verifying Crimes Against Humanity Using Satellite Imagery and GIS
Jessica Rositano Research Proposal: Modeling of Pyroclastic Flow
Robert Sheldon Research Proposal: Just Emit It: Climate Change Policy in the United States
Dave Strohschein Power Demand v. Photovoltaic Generating Capacity per Single – Family Residence in Newburyport, MA

Fall 2011
Name Project Title
Robert Ainslie Where Is It Safe to Ride? A Cycling Hazard Index for Cambridge, MA
Elizabeth Bonventre Asian Voter Turnout in Lowell, MA: An Analysis of Political Empowerment
Joshua Carver-Brown How Local are CSAs? Community Supported Agriculture in Essex County and its Proximity to Shareholders
Maks Cheban Solar Power at Salem State
Alyssa Coco Demographics & Voting Rate in Lowell, MA
Larry Dennison Human-Wildlife Conflict: Using GIS to identify potential for conflict between humans and wildlife in Massachusetts
Michael Horton Assessment of Alternative Windfarm Locations Along the Massachusetts Coast
Cassie Kao Smoking Caused by Tobacco Advertising?
David Kucharsky Transit Access in Essex County Massachusetts
Tommy O'Connell Three-Meter Storm Surge Vulnerability of the Virginia Beach / Norfolk Coast
Dennis Pothier How come the Eastern United States rings like a bell during an earthquake?
George Ratcliffe Sea Level Rise and the Effects of Storm Surge on Lewis Bay, Cape Cod
Robert Sheldon Extending the Hubway

Spring 2011
Name Project Title
Elizabeth Bonventre Florida, Massachusetts: A Renewable Energy Evaluation
Stephen Coppola Potential Renewable Energy Resources: A Preliminary Assessment for Ipswich, Massachusetts
Lisa Donahue Westfield State University: Potential for Solar and Wind Energy
Edward Donnelly Community Renewable Energy Focus
Jeffrey Dotolo The potential for renewable energy by utilizing Wind Turbines and Solar Photovoltaic in Ipswich
Cody LaVack Determining Solar and Wind Potential for Wolfeboro, NH
Foster Menichelli Wind Turbine Siting and Roof Top Solar Potential in Somerville, Massachusetts
Zachary Ozereko Evaluating Potential Renewable Energy Resources for Pelham, MA
Alexander Strysky Renewable energy options for South Hadley MA
Matt Tormey Renewable Energy Sources Evaluation: Beverly, MA

Fall 2010
Name Project Title
Milan Budhathoki Household Economics: Essex County, MA
Jillian Burgett Relationship between Population and Ozone Levels
Joshua Clebeaux State of Ancient Cities in Turkey Today
Stephen Coppola SATCOM with Arc
Kathleen DeGurski Where NOT to Park your Car in Malden, MA: A Study of Breakings and Enterings in Malden, MA
Lisa Donahue Asian Long-Horned Beetle: Worcester, Massachusetts
Ed Donnelly Social Security Insurance in Essex County Massachusetts: A Glimpse of 2009 Town Statistics
Jeffrey Dotolo GIS and Land Survey
Chris Dunbar ArcGIS Hydro Model for Determining Aquatic Habitat Suitability in Streams
Peter Holey The Relationship of Diabetes Rate to Air Pollution in the U.S.
Cody LaVack Grants and Unemployment Essex, MA
Brittany Lavoie Location of Shelters vs. the Distribution of Low Income Households in Essex County, Massachusetts
Foster Menichelli Nomans Land Island Remediation Project, Chilmark, Massachusetts
Brant McAfee Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries IntraMap
Sean McDermott Continental U.S. Commercial Airport Bird Strike Incidents 1990-2010
Zachary Ozereko Where Do You Feel Safest? Do You Think Police are a Reflection of Safety?
Gerard Roy Child Educational Attainment in Massachusetts: SAT Scores v Parents’ Educational Attainment
Danniel Roundy Distance to Health Centers from Areas of High Poverty in Massachusetts

Spring 2010
Name Project Title
Aparo, J., Budhathoki, M., Butt, M., Curtis, P., Gleason, P., Gridley, K., Howington, T., Langill, J., McAfee, B., McManus, B., Mungai, L., Rega, L., Roy, G., Runciman, F., Shafovaloff, P. Voter Participation and Demographics in Lowell, MA: A GIS Study
Moumita Dutta Gupta Thesis: "Change Analysis of the top 10 percent of Global Photosynthesis as captured by the SPOT VEGETATION (VGT) Sensor for the time period: 1998 to 2008"
Vesela Kardzhilova-Dimitrova Thesis: "Emissions Trends of Power Plants in Massachusetts: An Environmental Justice Analysis"
Janet Nicosia Thesis: "The Potential for Single Family Residential Parcels to Disconnect and Infiltrate their Stormwater Runoff: A GIS Case Study of Dedham, MA"

Fall 2009
Name Project Title
P. Curtis, C. Dicesare, T. Howington, Y. Kocak, M. Zubair 8 Towns by the Bay - Storm Surge and Sea Level Rise
P. Gleason, K. Gridley, L. Mungai Salem Sound - Storm Surge and Sea Level Rise
J. Orfanos, P. Shafovaloff, S. Tolstopyatenko Southern Essex County - Storm Surge and Sea Level Rise
Leighanne Boudreau Storm Surge in Newburyport, MA
Jennifer Carr Storm Surge in Manchester, MA
William Hobbs Storm Surge in Peabody, MA
Christopher McNeil Storm Suge in Ipswich, MA
Lisandra Melo Storm Surge in Swampscott, MA
Joey Mistretta Storm Surge in Rockport, MA
Megan Nash Storm Surge in Beverly, MA
Roxann Phelan Storm Surge in Lynn, MA
Danielle Torridi Storm Surge in Marblehead, MA
Tim Vaillancourt Storm Surge in Gloucester, MA
Risa Yaginuma Storm Surge in Salem, MA
Carol Mondello Storm Surge in Gloucester, MA
Brian McManus Storm Surge in Nahant, MA

Spring 2009
Name Project Title
Michelle Camire Research Proposal: Do Environmental Toxins Increase Autism Rates?
Evan Caten Optimal Parameters for Space-Time Cluster Detection of Infectious Disease
Duncan Cox Research Proposal: Mapping the Flow of Raw Milk in Massachusetts
Moumita Dutta Gupta Research Proposal: Global Change in Photosynthesis 1982-2008
John Firneno Research Proposal: Where Should a New NFL Team be Located?
Vesela Kardzhilova-Dimitrova Research Proposal: Sea-Level Rise and Future Risk of Coastal Flooding in Maine
Amanda Jolly The Geography of Commercial Power Production in the United States and Massachusetts
Peter Matchak Research Proposal: Economic Effects of Rails to Trails in Danvers, Massachusetts


Fall 2008
Name Project Title
Vesela Dimitrova, Michelle Camire and David Armstrong Mapping Voting-Age Citizens with Limited English in Boston and Quincy
Kaitlyn Boisseneau Sea Level Rise in Beverly, MA
Mary Kate DiFrancesco Sea Level Rise in Salisbury, MA
Dan Falotico Sea Level Rise in Ipswich, MA
Jillian Kent Sea Level Rise in Newburyport, MA
Garth Retallack Sea Level Rise in Nahant, MA
Nodoka Sato Sea Level Rise in Lynn, MA
Holly Vallis Sea Level Rise in Gloucester, MA


Summer II 2008
Name Google Maps
Kayla Burns Starbucks Where I Have Worked
Cory Cunningham New Pools in Essex County
Matt Dusenberry NASCAR Race Tracks Visited
Stephen Shallcross My Friends' Houses in Keene, NH
Matt Tormey Matt's Stadium Journey
Michael Tyson Emerson Daily
Sijie Wang Places to Shop in Beijing


Spring 2008
Name Project Title
Dillon Herman Location of Public Pools in Massachusetts
Amanda Jolly Childcare Facilities and High Traffic Areas
James Randall Sluice Pond Geophysical Sub-bottom Survey
Bill Raymond Sr. Mapping the Salem Woods Fire


Fall 2007
Name Project Title
CJ Bright & Kevin Bruce Blue Line Extension
Sean Carbone Auto Body Shops in Essex County
Annette Conklin* Where in North Andover Could There Be Another Starbucks?
Michael Farley Mapping the Salem Woods Fire
Saki Fujii Where Does Coffee Come From?
Yoshiko Furuse Motor Vehicle Registrations and Licensed Drivers in the U.S.
Kim Goral* Best Location to Build a New Playground
Tania Guzman Which U.S. State is Perfect for Retirement?
Susanna Hilfer* The Impact of Rail Trails on Nearby Residential Property Values: A Case Study of the Minuteman Bikeway and Lexington, Massachusetts
Derek Jones* Locations of Toxic Facilities and Minority Populations of New England
Dennis King* GPS Thefts in Salem, MA: When and Where
Nicholas Leden* Predicting Prehistory: Using GIS to Determine Archaeological Sensitivity
Dawn Scudder* Mapping Salem's Tourism
Joann Soper Mapping Salem State University Campus
Li-heng Henry Tsau Highest Violent Crime Arrests of Adults in 14 Massachusetts Counties in 1998
* graduate student


Spring 2007
Name Project Title
Courtnie Ciapciak Endangered Desert Tortoise
Colin Clark* Mapping Unequal Exposure to Ecological Hazards in Massachusetts
Sage Costa Motor Vehicle Crashes & OUIs
Suzanne Flint* Mapping Water Quality of the Assabet and Concord RiversAssabet and Concord RiversSuzanne
Stephen LoChirco Catastrophe at Chernobyl
Joshua Meuse* Using Chebacco Lake Bathymetry to Locate Bass Fishing Hot Spots
Paul Morelli* Lower 48 United States: Historical Precipitation and Temperature Comparison
Pamela O'Brien* A Geographic Glimpse into the Uterus of America
Nana Poku* Ashanti Chronology
George Riner* Searching for Calostoma cinnabarina using GARP
Nicole Ritch Does land use change due to the change in population in Salem during the 80s & 90s?
Stanislava Rosnerova Atlantic White Cedar
Dan Rowe* Massachusetts Chromosomal Birth Defects Rate Map
John Scott* Editing Tools For Use With MapInfo Professional’s GIS Software
Michael Waters Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts: A locational and economic analysis using GIS
* graduate level Computer Cartography course project


Fall 2006
Name Project Title
Jeff Albert Haunted House Tour
Duncan Cox * Siting a community garden in Salem, MA
Said Douai *
Chris Fiore Where in New England can a New Ski Resort be Built?
Christian Kunciw * Site Analysis of Suitable Running Routes
Andrew Madison Western Mass Commuter Rail
Joshua Meuse * Vulnerability of Cape Ann, Massachusetts to Storm-Surge From Extreme Coastal Weather Events
Ben Michaud Immigration to the U.S.
Paul Morelli * Meadowbrook Golf Club Sprinkler System GIS
Janet Nicosia * Implementing Solutions: The Martins Pond Shoreline Restoration and Sedimentation Reduction Project
Courtney Rogers What Districts in Boston are the Most Dangerous?
Francesca Runciman * Wind Energy Potential in MA
Taghrid Salim Finding A Location for Another Middle School in Salem, Massachusetts
Jennifer Sumael * Black’s Nook Restoration Plan Resource Inventory
* graduate level GIS course project


Spring 2006
Name Project Title
Jason Doyle Where is the best location for a new marina in Gloucester, Massachusetts?
Amy Duquesnoy Parking at Salem State University
Devin Dworkin Witch City: A Dangerous Gamble
Laurie Fazzuoli Relationship of A.C. Moore and Michaels Arts and Crafts stores in Massachusetts
Nicole Glennon Is There Room For Another Elementary School In Lynn, Massachusetts?
Jim Langill A Tale of Two Fires
Konrad Maciak Russian Orthodox Churches In Massachusetts
John Raymond Jr. Softshell Aquaculture in Plum Island Sound


Fall 2005
Name Project Title
Daniel Hudson Cell Phone Towers: Finding the Best Place For a New Cell Tower in Marblehead


Summer I 2005
Name Project Title
Sarah Wolfskehl Where Is The Ideal Location For a Park In Gloucester, MA?


Spring 2005
Name Project Title
Russell Field Cemetery Location For the NCA
Tiffany Pinkham Is there Room for Walmart in Peabody?
Mark Puleo Where to Locate the New Everett High School?
Jennifer Smith Where in Haverhill should Dunkin Donuts build?